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Me an yo baby's goin' to the prom

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A T-Bag/Robert Knepper Community
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This is a community for Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell, the character on Prison Break played by Robert Knepper. You can post anything and everything that is T-Bag or Robert Knepper related.(Posts about Seth and Maytag are allowed as well as they're basically counterparts of T-Bag.)


1. Posts must relate to T-Bag or Robert Knepper. There are plenty of other communities where you can talk about the show in general.

2. Spoilers must go behind a properly labeled lj-cut. (don't post them early without cuts or you will be kicked out.) Here is a link to the spoiler rules for more clarification.

3. Introduction posts are unecessary and pointless so skip them.

4. Friends-lock your entries containing what is considered "inappropriate" content.

5. Add tags every time you post in the community. It's not hard, it only takes a few seconds, but no one has been doing it.

Anyone who doesn't follow the rules will either have a warning, have their post deleted, or be kicked out. So please follow them.


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Any questions or comments? Ask world_order