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Spoiler Notice


A new season is starting which means a little reminder about spoilers.

Spoiler Rules

Right now, anything from Season 2 needs to go behind a cut. This includes episode reactions/reviews, promo pictures, icons and graphics etc. Once the episode has aired, non-spoilery icons are allowed to be used/posted, however everything else should still be under a cut.

Remember that not everyone is in the same timezone as you (and some people can't watch it on the day) so keep your episode reactions under a cut.

Also, if you know that your non-spoilery post has spoiler-rific comments in it, please try and edit your post to warn people of this.

For those who are overseas: I'll ask that people try and keep major spoilers under cuts for as long as possible, but I'm not making any guarantees. It's incredibly hard to try and remember which country is how far along in the episodes and what is considered a spoiler. I'm mostly going with the American air dates right now.

Speaking of which, as of now anything from Season 1 is no longer considered a spoiler. So feel free to discuss to your hearts content!

What is a Spoiler

1. Episode reactions. This is considered spoilery because if you post "OMG I am sooo sad! Why?!" in a certain character's comm, then we can guess something bad/sad is going to happen to that person and it ruins it for the rest of us.

2. Episode reviews, obviously.

3. Episode promo pictures. Do not post them before the episode airs without a cut.

4. Icons from an episode that hasn't aired yet. Please do not post them without cuts or use them at all until the episode has aired.

5. Icons with a major plot point in them. (These are for the episodes that have already aired) Please try to refrain from using your "OMG dead!Michael!" icon until a few weeks after the episode has aired. This is just out of respect for the overseas fans who may not have gotten to that episode yet.

6. RUMOURS. Okay, 9 times out of 10 that "rumour" you heard is actually a spoiler in disguise. So if you have a question pertaining to it, put it behind a cut.

Please try to make sure that anything with a spoiler in it has a warning. I'm spoiler free, so if you ruin it for me before the episode airs, I will be pissed off and may kick you out.


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